Safe vs. Toxic Chemicals in Pesticides

What every consumer needs to know to make an informed choice


What does Toxic mean?

Toxicity Categories by the…

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Why Not Promote Natural Products that are…

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Share Your Story!

SHARE YOUR STORY! Please share your story about how you have been affected by toxic pesticides and…

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Protection against Insect-Borne Diseases

Court: Students must be protected from insect-borne diseases, Federal News Radio, The Associated…

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Why is it important to understand the dangers with most insect repellents?

While it is very important to keep biting insects at bay to reduce the probability of contracting an insect-borne disease, it is equally as important to understand the safety issues surrounding insect repellents and the health implications of the choices that we make.

The federal EPA claims that products in each of the four categories of toxicity are safe when used as directed, yet most people are unaware of the problems caused by sprays containing highly flammable and toxic ingredients and they simply use them as needed. Most consumers don’t take the time to read the warnings in small print on the label, and the label does not explain the problems overexposure can cause. The information presented on this site explains toxicity categories and provides information on healthy insect repellent and pest control choices.