Healthy Communities

Knowing Where Your Ingredients & Supplies Come From

Most of the cleaning supplies, pesticides and herbicides that are offered commercially come from other countries, traveling
thousands of miles. They are made using high-hazard ingredients, some of them industrial byproducts.
This leaves a huge ecological footprint and reduces the dollars being circulated within the U.S.A. Additionally, it diminishes transparency and oversight of the safety of the chemicals going into these products and the health and safety of the manufacturers. Just as it is important to know where your food comes from, choosing household, personal care, and industrial supplies from sources that you can learn about and trust is an important first step in protecting the health of your community.

Supporting Healthy Communities

You can help protect and enhance the health of your community by choosing not to use toxic chemicals. This choice will keep chemicals out of the environment, and out of the lives of people and animals. When you have decided to transition to healthier solutions to meet the cleaning and maintenance needs of your business, know that there are effective and toxic-free supplies that work as effectively as the conventionals. Please follow this link to learn about some of your options.

More information about hazardous ingredients in household & industrial products here.