Tracking of Reactions to DEET & other Toxic Pesticides

Why there is no data available to show incidences of harmful effects of DEET and other TOXIC PESTICIDES

From The (EPA Pesticide) label becomes the law that must be followed when using the pesticide. Anyone, even a consumer, who does not follow the product label is violating the law. Only adverse reactions are tracked by manufacturers per EPA requirements when labels are followed, leaving the consumer liable for product misuse. If you use a product more than the label indicates, and are poisoned by it, than this is viewed as a consumer violating the law and it is not tracked by product manufacturers. If you go near a campfire, use a flammable insect repellent and catch on fire, then the consumer isĀ  violating the law and this incident is not tracked by product manufacturers. The consumer may not sue the manufacturer since the consumer violated the law. As a result, there is no public data.